The treasuries of the golden slope

Burgundy company imports to Russia wines from Burgundy and other equally famous winemaking regions in France. The company aims to gather a unique collection and make it available to wine aficionados, collectors, restaurants, and boutiques.

Apartments with a Zen garden

Ever is a housing complex in the south-west of Moscow. The authors of this architectural project drew inspiration from the Oriental garden where nature is not transformed but rather included in the artist’s plan, and thus the designer and nature becoming co-authors.

Break-fast Cafe

To stand out and be recognizable in the congested coffee shop market, a new brand should grab their customers — engage them into communication, hold their attention with the contents and then high quality products.

Champaign is served. Cheers!

The main task of redesign was to respond to new challenges facing the brand that is proud of its history and is undergoing fundamental change.

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