Tomatdesign is a creative branding agency founded in Moscow in 2005. We specialize in creation of all types of the brand communication – from research and strategy to development of integrated design solutions for the corporate and consumer markets.

Work Principes


We do not exploit the branding subject – instead, we offer the optimal way to the result. We use proven technologies – from market analysis and strategy identification to construction of through communications of the brand with a long-term replication potential.


We do not think up some magic method – instead, we use those that have already gained their reputation. The client is always clear on how we work and arrive to a solution. All process stages are well-adjusted and the outcome is easy to forecast.

Laconic statement

We do not create spatial structures in communication – instead, we drive the messages home through a simple and understandable method. Better state the most important thing in a clear and confident manner and be noticed than talk about everything at once and get lost in the informational noise.


We do not employ copybook solutions – instead, we look for a new creative idea every time. Nevertheless, we never mention creativity as the agency’s unique approach, because it is assumed in branding. This is not magic, but a part of the process.


We do not rush from one trend to another – instead, we know how to forecast them. We have no preferences in terms of the style; we select one to suit the targets and objectives of each project individually and deliberately, based on the cultural, social or historical values of the specific brand.


We do not work on a project on a standalone basis. The practice proves that the best result come in the environment where ideas are exchanged, so we do our best to work in a close inter-connection with all interested parties.


Our works won over 100 awards at international and national festivals of design and advertising.


We work with companies from a variety of economic sectors.
It helps our better understanding of specifics of one sector or another
and implement the accumulated experience in the future.

  • Akoreks sibir
  • Aleksandr Tihonov
  • Alfa Stone
  • Almali
  • Aqualife
  • Autojack
  • Azersun Holding
  • Croc
  • Dolly Dreams
  • Easy Speaking
  • Ekspotsentr
  • Evraz
  • Gazprom
  • Gefest Stone
  • Georgievkoe podvore
  • Helen Baden
  • Interfaks
  • J8 Club Russia
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Just For You
  • Kapellmeister
  • Lukoil Ekto
  • Meesenburg
  • Minime Pets
  • MLP
  • Molvest
  • MTsTI
  • Neemble
  • NMK
  • Orlyonok
  • Pit Stop Cafe
  • Prodo holding
  • Publish zhurnal
  • Rusagro
  • Samolyot Development
  • SPB renovatsiya
  • Sreda Production Company
  • Svyaznoi Bank
  • Syssoft
  • Targin
  • Tavrida Elektrik
  • T-Platforms
  • Trezholi
  • Tsentr doktora Tarasenko
  • TsIP
  • UDP RF
  • Unsen
  • Uruk
  • Vedis
  • Wow How
  • Yablokov
  • Yota devices
  • Zdes Apteka
  • Zdravservis
  • Zolotaya Balka