Traditions, craftsmanship, quality

Tomatdesign has updated the corporate identity and packaging for the Sarepta brand, one of the oldest mustard producers in Russia. The history of the Sarepta trademark begins in the 18th century. The brand goes through several eras, and this is reflected in its image. One of the agency’s tasks was to find a solution in which the brand would look relevant and at the same time maintain a connection with its rich history.

Be Electro

Tok Box approached Tomatdesign to create a new brand’s image. The task involved developing brand positioning, a new name, corporate identity, adaptive design system for charging stations and EV charging points, as well as ensuring the new brand’s presence in the digital space.

The treasuries of the golden slope

Burgundy company imports to Russia wines from Burgundy and other equally famous winemaking regions in France. The company aims to gather a unique collection and make it available to wine aficionados, collectors, restaurants, and boutiques.

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