Analysis of data about a product or a service, competitive environment and target audience. Information structuration and search for insights. Platform and brand positioning development. Based on the research and analysis of the entire information mass and building on the brand’s positioning and platform, we form a communication strategy expressed in a practical algorithm of interaction between the brand and an ultimate consumer.

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We generate and find unique names for the companies and individual products. They correlate to the essence and targets of the brand, are easy to recognize and remember. We create interesting semantic and phonetic structures even for those categories of commodities that are usually deemed traditional, while managing to stay within the limits of customary norms and category codes. As we suggest a name, we infuse it with a communicative potential and think how it is going to be embodied in the design.

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Brand identity

The brand style is expressed not only in its appearance, but also in its philosophy. This is why it is important to us to determine the brand positioning prior to the design development stage – so that we understand where to search for an idea of the future corporate style. The clearly formed positioning is a result of a strategic stage where the brand platform is formed to reflect its mission, values and nature.

In addition to the semantic basis, we fill the corporate style concept with a communication potential that helps the brand to adapt to any formats ranging from a name card to an advertising billboard, while retaining its identity and using no other means of advertising.

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We start the packaging design for a new trademark or the re-design of an existing one at the strategic stage – specifically, analysis of marketing data and product portfolio of the brand, study of the competitive environment, search for unoccupied niches within the category of consumer insights.

Any design solution is based on a well thought-out concept that offers a notion of how the trademark is going to develop and evolve in a short and long run. We pay special attention to the way the packaging will look in reality – its ergonomics, materials and production technologies.

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Development of a website taking into account the existing brand identity or the one we have created. Formation of a technical assignment, stage-by-stage development of a static or interactive prototype that reflects the future structure and functions in line with the task and in accordance with the latest UX/UI practices. Development of the design concept and mockup models. Layout and launch of the finished product.

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Environment design

Within the scope of an integrated project or in an autonomous format, we deal with the tasks of the brand’s presence in different environmental spaces. It can be navigation in the interior and exterior, decoration of retail facilities and offices, or design of show and museum expositions.

We have an extensive experience of implementing integrated projects on event decoration. We support every project of this kind up to the final production, closely controlling the contractors’ actions at every stage.

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At the strategy stage and in the course of developing visual features, we consider the kind of advertising activity the brand is going to carry out and place communication potential into its platform. Therefore, the corporate style integrates easily into any advertising campaign in the future. It is especially important for the companies with a limited media-related budget or for the customers who intend long-term promotion of their brand.

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Motion design

Animation is one the most productive ways to convey information. It is much more efficient compared to static images. By telling a story in motion, we make its content more exciting, comprehensible and comfortable to perceive.

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Printed matter

We keenly undertake the design of printed matter – both multi-page (books, catalogues, promo booklets, calendars) and one-sheet ones (posters, placards, leaflets). We are experienced in developing periodicals – namely, newspapers and magazines.

Such jobs can be done both within the framework of integrated branding or advertising projects and individually.

We are familiar with modern printing technologies and materials and are willing to support the project at all production stages, thus guaranteeing the high-quality result.

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We accumulated an extensive expertise in development and manufacture of non-standard corporate gifts and souvenirs, ingenious presentation packages and special prizes and awards for the widest variety of target groups. This applies to both design and selection of materials and technologies for their production.

Depending on the specific task, we develop a creative idea, so that the design corresponds conceptually to both functions and aesthetics of the product.

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Work Order


In the course of getting familiar with the client’s task, the type, scope and cost of the works are determined and priorities are identified. After preliminary analysis and individualized calculation, the client sees how much specific services and the aggregate work scope cost. The agency and the client exchange their vision of the further cooperation and estimate mutual resource consumption and possible design risks. The outcome of this stage is a design brief, a contract and an approved cost estimate.


The agency studies the brief, accumulates information and subsequently makes strategic resolutions and calculations. It is an important part of the process that helps to find a correct vector for handling the design task, instead of diffusing the efforts. Then, based on the selected strategy, a number of versions of the creative concept are developed.


The agency presents the developed strategy and versions of the creative concept to the client. One of the concept versions that possesses the greatest design potential is selected. A stage-by-stage plan of the concept implementation is made and the responsibility areas of the agency and the client at each stage are determined.


Design development and manufacture of the media based on the selected concept. At this stage, the design is tested, i.e. a final examination of how it adapts to different conditions and formats is carried out. Project procedures (a guideline or a brand book) are compiled.