Be Electro

Punkt E is the largest private operator of a charging station network for electric vehicles (EV) in Russia.

In 2019, the Tok Box startup was launched with the mission to install charging stations. During this process, the company came up with an ambitious goal of creating an innovative and scalable charging infrastructure using the best equipment and state-of-the-art IT solutions in order to ensure the sustained development of e-mobility in Russia.

Tok Box approached Tomatdesign to create a new brand's image. The task involved developing brand positioning, a new name, corporate identity, adaptive design system for charging stations and EV charging points, as well as ensuring the new brand's presence in the digital space.

Analysis of current consumer needs has led to the idea that the company should become not just an operator of a charging network, but an entity that would bring together a community of EV owners, people who think about the future, a community of groundbreakers and pioneers.

The idea of the new brand is reflected in its mission: to go along the customers' way towards their goals. By offering modern mobility technologies, the company becomes their guide to new opportunities.