Life is a race. Refuel!

Before the rebranding, the fixed price fast food restaurant chain -PitStop– offered their customers a typical range of services – express service, fair prices, and a wide range of meals. However, this is insufficient for the present-day competitive market – hundreds of restaurants try to win customers with the same benefits. In addition, conventional design and the lack of an integral image did not help the matters – -PitStop– didn’t stand out and couldn't establish adequate communication with its target audience.

The new level of quality and quantity and plans to introduce a franchising system required changes to the design and the promotion strategy of the restaurant chain. We delivered a number of projects to solve the assigned tasks – we developed brand identity and communication strategy, design system for the retail, including the launch of two pilot facilities, as well as packing, uniforms, and POS materials.

The new identity reflects the metaphor inherent to the brand name: big city life is a race – -PitStop– helps you refuel fast and in good time. This simple comparison communicates the idea of the chain to the customers. Pit stops for refuelling and service of vehicles during a race and ‑PitStop‑ restaurants for refreshment of people in the hustle of the city.

Despite the fixed price format, the key emphasis in the brand strategy is not on the obvious – cheap prices – but on the taste. Such emphasis informs customers what they get for fixed prices. The chain offers a new format of choice, and opportunity to think differently – think about the taste, not the price.