Chernogolovka in new format

Beverages from Chernogolovka are a well-known brand of Russian premium-class lemonades. The brand’s fans have known Sayany, Baikal, Tarkhun and Duchess lemonades ever since their childhood, while now they (the main consumers) are about 35 years old. As the brand strives to exceed the borders of the “classical soviet-time lemonade”, it updates itself and enhances its standing among the younger audience, especialy 15-25 years old.

Agency was tasked to develop a new design for the drinks of «Baikal», «Tarhun» and «Lemonad». Bright modern packaging must attract the attention of a younger audience, but also not lose connection with the main brand’s line of «Beverages from Chernogolovka». We do not play with the audience and do not declare that we offer only drinks for youth. Not trying to win the undivided attention, we understand that we are acquainted with the language of young people, we understand her priorities, tastes, hobbies, and we are ready to converge.

Knowing the client's intention to update the main line "Drinks from Chernogolovka" in the future, we offered a more modern version of the trade mark logo - as a transitional stage to restart the brand.

The most important result of this project for us is participation in the creation of a new product. Working on the decision, we take into account not only the brief, but also the brand's ambitions, long-term plans. The updated design is not just a task to bring out trade marks in a new format, it is also an incentive for the brand to develop, to create and launch new products.

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