Here Pharmacy

Tomatdesign agency developed an integrated project to launch a new brand of Here Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical company Zdravservis, the major regional supplier of medications and medical products, is launching its own chain of discounter pharmacies. An entirely new project needs everything, – including the name, the corporate style, design of the retail facilities, brand platform, communication strategy, solutions for the advertising campaigns; a launch of its own trademark is also envisaged.

The project was multi-stage and capacious: platform and brand positioning; communication strategy, naming and identity, a well-thought-out design system for retail design, and the development of a proprietary brand design.

We clearly understood how we need to build a project, moving forward without a doubt. It is worth paying tribute to our client, who at first was embarrassed by the apparent simplicity of the solutions, but he managed to overcome this barrier and appreciate the potential of the idea.

A good idea develops itself. And our task is to compile a detailed manual describing the rules for decorating exteriors and interiors of pharmacies. At the end of 2016, 164 regional discounter pharmacies were launched.

The most important achievement of the project is that we have created an understandable and clear toolkit that will allow the brand to solve its problems for a long time - from the design of retail space to the design of its own brand.

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