I do not need branding, I need a band-aid!

Within the framework of a comprehensive branding project, the task was to integrate the design of its own brand packaging with the already developed positioning strategy and firm style of pharmacies. It was necessary to create a simple, memorable image, to emphasize the availability of the product for the average person. The concept of the identity of the network of pharmacies has easily become the basis for the packaging of its own brand.

We developed two concepts: within the brand colors and based on a white background. Despite the great temptation to use branded colors in the package, the customer opted for the "white" version, and this was definitely the right decision. Shelves in pharmacies are full of various goods - many names, shapes, colors: our visual ether is full of color signals. In such a situation, the white dominant color allows you to rebuild from the total mass of brands, and color indicators intuitively send our product to the desired category. In addition, white is also a stable association with the pharmacy: clean, sterile, safe.

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