Slab – and nothing excessive

The company "Gefest", whose main activity is the production and installation of products made of natural stone, for work in the B2B segment creates a new brand "Alfa Stone", oriented to the needs of the artisan creative audience.

The task of the brand is the supply of quality slabs made of natural stone (slabs) to Russian stone-processors, architects, designers and construction companies.

The dialogue with the creator is laid in the brand platform. The brand not only talks about the material and its advantages, but understands its importance for the master himself, the designer - he makes discoveries, carries away, anticipates the desires of creators. He does not sell the stone, but inspires him to buy it.

Experienced view and creativity. The brand stands from the position of an expert with 20 years of experience in the market. But communicating with the audience is not patronizing, but on an equal footing, speaking with her in one language - confidently, convincingly, expertly, but openly, without claims of complexity.

The Tomatdesign team had the task to develop a corporate style that would be simple in perception and attractive for architects, interior designers and craftsmen working with stone.

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