MiniMe is a redesign of pet food packaging for dogs and cats

The company "Minime Pets", the only one in the Russian market now, manufactures fresh pet food, without preservatives and flavoring agents, under the "Minime" brand. The product is available in our own on-line shop and several retail networks. In stores, the goods are set out on the shelves of our own branded refrigerator. A year after the launch of the brand, it became clear that such a unique product requires new packaging with a bit more meat on it.

The brand idea - "like human food" - offered endless opportunities to find solutions, but two clear conditions limited our productive imagination: it was important for the client "to be updated without changing" - to remain recognizable, not to change radically the logo of the trademark; also we were constrained by rather limited surface of packing.

According to the client, the radical change in design caused a mixed emotional response — both in the company and from the consumer, but a few months after the launch it became clear that there appeared a new audience among the buyers — those who like to try new products in search of the best, and, as one of the founders of the company says, "we stand to benefit from new customers".

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