Just like food for people

MiniMe Pets is so far the only company in the Russian market that manufactures fresh pet food without any preservatives or flavoring agents under MiniMe brand on an industrial scale. One year after the brand launch, it became clear that more expressive packaging is required for such a unique product.

The agency’s task was to create new, bright, emotional packaging for a unique market product, while retaining the mood and continuance of the existing packaging and not changing the trademark logo radically. It was important to take into account the small size of the packaging and to enhance visually the significant design elements and especially the characters’ images.

While working on the logo, we kept the elements that are dear to the customers – namely, the smile and the tongue of a satisfied pet.

In order to convey emotions, it was decided to create portraits of dogs and cats that were distinctive and expressive (and interplaying with the logo). The portraits are placed on the packaging so that two boxes form one image. Whichever way the packages are placed on the shelf, they always match like puzzle pieces and if two different characters are put together, amusing variations occur.

Funny pet portraits and a game element enabled us to create emotionally interactive packaging, while an unusual compositional solution made it possible to overcome limitations set by the packaging size.

A radical change of the design engendered a varied emotional feedback, both in the company itself and from the consumers. However, a few months after the launch, it became clear that a new audience emerged among the customers - that is, those who enjoy trying out new products as they search for the best. So we only benefited from their emergence.

Client: MiniMe Pets
Awards: White Square

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