Svyaznoy Bank

Switch to Supermega…!

Wide functionalities that are differed by levels are included into new universal bank card Svyaznoy Bank. The customers may choose any of them depending on preferences in products and frequency of using cards in everyday life. Or after getting the first level card the customer may gradually switch to higher levels. The first level is base functions. The second one is optional opportunities. The third is maximum level with advanced privileges.

In spite of standard hierarchy of cards – Standart, Classic and Gold – Svyaznoy Bank was expecting the original solution which was explained by the communication strategy “The World of Money” where traditional bank products are revived getting fancy names like Meshkokhod and Nulebuble.

Credit cards with rewards program continue “The World of Money” theme. They are presented as personalities and also get modern fanciful names like Cartoplast, Krutoplast or Supermegaplast.

Client: Svyaznoy Bank

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