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Burgundy company imports to Russia wines from Burgundy and other equally famous winemaking regions in France. The company aims to gather a unique collection and make it available to wine aficionados, collectors, restaurants, and boutiques.

The company works in several areas — distribution, retail, and restaurant business. At Burgundy Wine Space wine restaurants, guests can try wines from Burgundy and Champagne regions accompanied by professional sommeliers. Meanwhile the Burgundy Wine Boutique offers wine lovers and connoisseurs an exquisite range of wines and sells rare and unique labels.

It was important for Burgundy to create an identity that would convey the intimate and exquisite image containing subtle references to the history and traditions of winemaking without deterring the clients by being too smug. We had to steer away from the cliche solutions such as wine glasses, bottles, bunches of grapes, claret colour and other stereotypes while staying within the specific category.

We found the solution in the simple image of a vineyard — more precisely, in its texture, which can be seen from birdseye view. The Dala Prisma font has become a key design element that embodies this idea of identity. Its fluid striped shapes create an effect reminiscent of endless orderly rows of vines.

Creation of the brand identity involved mainly bringing together various business units under a single visual style. The main tool for such consolidation was brand architecture that ensured that each sub-brand has its own recognizable logo.

Burgundy’s corporate identity, like an expensive wine, does not need prettification and visual exaggeration. The design uses only typographic tools, noble colours, and descriptive photographic style.

The colour palette — deep blue and bronze — creates the right associations with the product and gives the brand’s style a solemn touch.

The discreet design reveals itself fully through the media: the tactility of the materials, embossing, engraving, embroidery — all this adds gloss and splendour to the Burgundy style.

Client: Burgundy

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