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This is a different story…

…Samolyot Development is one of the major members of the Russian market of constructions. The company implements and controls all stages of the projects’ design and construction on its own and then operates them by means of its own Managing Company.

Within the project framework, there were developed the brand platform, architecture of product sub-brands, positioning, communication strategy, and corporate style. In addition, several stages of the advertising campaign, from teaser to product one, were implemented.

At the first stage of the brand promotion, a teaser advertising campaign was launched; its aim was to familiarize the consumer with a new member in the development market as quickly as possible. We suggested the idea to create suspense about the company’s name through commonly known songs about airplanes (“samolyot” meaning “airplane” in Russian). The process of engaging the audience into the communication made it possible to draw attention to the new company and make people memorize the keyword “samolyot” quickly.

The brand positioning is expressed in a simple statement – less is more. A good-quality product speaks for itself, therefore the brand communications require no decorations or metaphors. The company’s confidence of its success needs no proof – this is why it speaks as it is, simply and calmly.

…Samolyot Development is not trying to lure the consumer with dubious promises, but states responsible, “Flats in a finished condition at 69,900 rubles per square meter” instead of “Flats starting at 69,900 rubles per square meter” and “Move in on September 30, 2015” instead of “We construct on schedule!” Therefore, the brand’s communications should be literally read rather than looked upon.

Visual communications of …Samolyot Development should be literally read rather than looked upon.

We suggested a simple solution in order to create the architecture of the product sub-brands – to use a toponym as a name for the new residential blocks and to identify the logo by means of a prefix index signifying the facility handover date. Such approach allowed a substantial cost reduction while planning and launching the advertising promotion of the new products by …Samolyot Development.

Client: Samolet Development

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