A super-logo for super-computers

T-Platforms company is a leader of Russian
super-computer industry and a chief national developer of original computing
machinery for the mass-production IT market. For instance, super-computer
Lomonosov makes more than 10 trillion operations per second!

The agency faced a task of re-designing the visual communications of the brand taking into account retaining of the old logo recognition and provision of identity of companies that constitute the holding. The old logo did not convey the potential of products the company was manufacturing and was hardly associated with high technologies.

We suggested a solution that would reflect the essence of a T-Platform product. Cluster systems that are the basis of any super-computer became the foundation for the hallmark – letter “T”. Imitating a computer language, the sign’s modular grid is randomly filled with four simple geometric figures, while generating an infinite multitude of the sign combinations.

Over 10,000,000,000,000 combinations of the logo are given in the end. Just think of it – ten trillion logos for a company that manufactures super-computers!

Client: T-Platforms
Awards: Cannes Lions, Epica Awards, Eurobest, Golden Drum, Golden Hammer, Red Apple, Russian Design Ranking, ADCR, White Square, IDEA!

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