Zeronix collects and recycles waste into secondary raw materials, and also conducts scientific and technological research in order to maximize the number of fractions that can be recycled. The company promotes the relevant «zero waste» life concept, which is based on the idea of zero environmental impact when all waste is processed into new products or energy.

One of the problems that people face today is finding the right balance between the comfort that we are used to and reasonable consumption. People will have to change their thinking. Zeronix believes that it can be done gradually, without disrupting our everyday lives. The company says you don’t have to give up everything, just the excessive things. Keep doing everything you’ve been doing before, but do it wisely. Meanwhile, we will take care of the waste.

Tomatdesign was tasked with creating a name and visual identity that would reflect this global concept and resonate with the widest possible audience in various countries.

Simplicity, cleanliness, openness, minimalism, balance and ustainable consumption are not just trendy words but guiding principles of the company that formed the basis of the design strategy.

The fundamental design concept of the Zeronix brand is separation. Separation as a semantics of balance. The balance reflected in splitting the elements of design into equal components can be seen in all basic brand identity elements.

We came up with the word «Zeronix» for the brand’s name as it reflects the company’s mission and echoes the idea of balance. The words «zero» and «nix» mean «nothing». Zero as a graphic symbol is stable, symmetrical, and balanced. Zero as a ground zero for new thinking.

The spelling of ZERONIX is split by the symmetry of the letters, creating a balance in the logo: equally weighted parts ZER and NIX balance out the trademark «O» in the middle.

The structure of any layout is based on a grid formed by an infinite vertical and horizontal division of the format in half, continuing the principle of separation.

The combination of two fonts, the modernist and grotesque Futura and the academic Baskerville, creates a balance between the industrial and austere tone of messages and an educational, humanitarian voice on the emotional spectrum of communication.

There is no waste. The company believes that waste is not garbage, but a valuable resource. This resource can be extracted, used in production and become a source of profit.

Придет время, когда придумают способы экологичной утилизации для всего. Поэтому можно сказать, что мусора — нет. Буквально: его не существует. Всё является ресурсом.

Цветовая палитра не имеет определенного фирменного цвета — все цвета равны по статусу и у них нет иерархии. Принцип формирования цвета путем деления продолжает концепцию дизайна, где каждый последующий цвет образует новую пару цветов.

Клиент: Zeronix
2023 год

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