It will be the first!

Apartment block Sputnik favorably features a combination of urban comfort and natural surroundings typical for the countryside lifestyle. Unusual landscaping of the block and water bodies, park, embankment and beach around it will allow one to repose from noise and hustle of the big city.

In Russia, the attitude of estate buyers towards apartments is rather ambivalent. Sputnik quarter by Samolyot Development offers this specific residence format. The block’s audience consists of pragmatic people that have a good understanding of the market, are familiar with other offers and often treat them skeptically. Therefore, it was decided to speak to them in a simple and clear language with a shade of self-irony.

Our objective was to attract attention to a particular product and make the consumers interested. Something unusual and different from the developers’ standard messages was required. We suggested dynamic brand identity with an advertising potential – a vivid and flexible one.

In our interpretation, the image of a satellite (“sputnik”) was transformed, as a soulless (even though innovative) object turned into an emotional, vibrant and ironical symbol of the living space. The container logo we developed comprises endless plots associated with product offers and the consumers’ lifestyle.

It was decided to speak to the Sputnik audience in a simple and clear language with a shade of self-irony.


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