Dental Center of
Dr. Tarasenko

Teeth as letters

Igor Tarasenko graduated from Moscow Medical institute of Dentistry and completed the post-graduate program at the department of orthopedic dentistry in 1984. In 2012, he defended his PhD thesis. Dr. Tarasenko continuously participates in international conferences, seminars and symposiums; he holds a number of patents in dentistry field.

Academic interests of Dr. Tarasenko include employment of laser technologies and short-focus high-precision optic systems in diagnostics and treatment in various sectors of dentistry.

As we were creating the new image of the Dentistry Center of Dr. Tarasenko, the task was to make a corporate style that would be different from the customary images in this category – that is, more intelligent, friendly and demonstrating no photos of happy people with snow-white smiles or pictures of horrible consequences of dental diseases.

Replacing images with words is a logical solution of the task set before us. As a visual image, typography enabled us to demonstrate any problem of the oral cavity and to make it clear that solving these problem is as easy as correcting a mistake in the text editor.

The poster was created on the lines of a well-known phrase of the dentist who is persuading the patient to open the mouth, “Say a-a-a…”

The brand identity demonstrates that solving tooth problem is as easy as correcting a mistake in the text editor.

Client: Doctor Tarasenko
Awards: KIAF, Red Apple, ADCR Russia, White Square, IDEA!

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