Attention, loaded with vitamins!

Vitasystem vitamin water is a drink with a mild fruity taste, an alternative to plain water and sweet but unhealthy juices and soda drinks. Vitasystem is intended for people who live in modern cities where striking a balance between active lifestyle and taking good care of one’s health is essential. Our task was to create brand identity, package design for the product line and a concept for the marketing campaign.

Vitamin water is a new product for the market, and we wanted to create a totally unique brand image. We began by ruling out the “pharmacy” theme because this positioning niche is already taken by competitors.

Besides, we did not want to turn the product into a “magic potion”, a cure-all or a medicine, as it was important to set adequate expectations among the target audience without making overpromises. We also refuted the image of fruit on the packaging, thus avoiding the juices and lemonades territory.

The idea behind Vitasystem is to help people achieve life balance by offering soft, low-key flavors with healthy elements, being part of modern lifestyle alongside smart devices and functional consumption. Therefore the design of a water bottle embodies a certain image of a modern device that provides a vitamin boost.

To attract the target audience to the new product, we created a promotional package for three different flavors of water, reminiscent of a vitamin blister pack.

To support the minimalistic package design, vivid advertising prints were created featuring the fictional image of Frutamina, representing a mix of fruit and vitamins, with glossy texture and intentionally inverted colors.

Client: Vitasystem
2022 год

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